Adam was a thrall of The Waiter in Spies and Miracles: The Team.

Spies and Miracles: The Team

Adam was kidnapped by The Waiter and he hacked the BT Tower in London by The Waiter's command. The Waiter used this advantage to spark the rage inside London's enhanceds by hacking all of the screens into London.
"And then all over London, every screen, every phone, every TV, every device turned blank. And then a different, identical image. It was the Waiter, and he was grinning. His 'evil plan' was ticking.

"Hello, humans. I am the Waiter. I bring a message to every special one of you. All of the enhanceds, I have a slight offer for you. Bring me these six enhanceds-"

The faces of Alex, Zak, Ruby, Scarlett, Zane, and Ryan showed up.

"-or my army will crush your city, starting with SHADOW. To put it simply, join us or face us. It is our time to rise. And you humans...not even SHADOW can protect you now."

Then the screens turned blank, as all of the hidden enhanceds consider the option, and most of them attack the public, like a plague."

When The Waiter fled, Adam Moore fled too.

Powers and Abilities

Adam Moore is an excellent hacker.