Corvira is a member of The Defenders.

The Defenders

Powers and Abilities

Corvira has feathers on her 'wings' which are razor sharp and can cut through most materials. She is also a highly trained military pilot, able to fly a battle cruiser with ease.


Though often strict and forceful, Corvira can be very kind. She wants to help everyone she can, but doesn't mind destroying those who are a danger to others.


Corvira was born and raised on Thrane. Though her parents were both soldiers in the planet's military, Corvira found herself drawn to the monasteries of an old religion. She became a priestess and lived in the monastery for many years.

When fighting against the Maltir picked up again, Corvira decided to sign up for the Andro-Fleet. She worked her ways up through the ranks and became a high-ranking officer.

Her discovery of L'Maltir's possession of one of Keys of Vlanemheim cost her her job and started the events of The Defenders.