HHU1 is the mainstream universe of Hall of Heroes, and is where Spies and Miracles: The Team, The Murderers, The Defenders, The Quadrants, and Spies and Miracles: Veracity takes place. HHU1's Earth resembles our Earth, and is also home to the enhanceds, therefore causing SHADOW, and all of the fictional characters of HHU1 to exist. Everybody in HHU1 exists in our reality; we all have a counterpart in the Hall of Heroes mainstream universe. The only people who exist here and not in HHU1 or vice-versa is if a butterfly effect which didn't happen in the other reality stopped that person from every being born. An example of this is that a woman was killed by an enhanced in HHU1, therefore stopping her unborn son to ever exist. However, she is alive here, and therefore her son exists. However, only some of our counterparts will be enhanceds, and it is possible that your counterpart will have a different name, and it is extremely likely that your experiences have varied.


The following is a list of the stories that take place in HHU1: