Red is a member of The Quadrants and is from Dimension 2.

MAJOR Spoilers

Ruby and Red are the same person. Ruby is from HHU1 and Red is from HHU2.

The Quadrants

Powers and Abilities

Red has RedMist manipulation, like Ruby.


Red likes to be treated like the rest of the team, and gets frustrated when someone treats her like the young person, even though she is. However, she still likes to have fun alot.

Origins (Takes place in HHU2)

MAJOR Spoilers

Zak of HHU2 and Ruby of HHU2 grew up together. Alex of HHU2 and Ruby were separated at a young age. MIST of was formed, just like in HHU1. The Convergence started, and Alex sent Ruby to HHU1 to investigate. Then the events of The Quadrants happened.

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