Scarlett Hill is a member of MIST and an agent of SHADOW. She is also Alex's girlfriend.

Spies and Miracles: The Team

Alex, Ruby, and Zak were approached by Osborne to join the team. The four met in Osborne's office, where Osborne introduced to Scarlett. The four trained in The Bunker, until news came of a high-speed chase, which was between The Waiter and Zane and Ryan. The four rescued the twins, and the twins decided to join the team. Their second mission was to steal an extract of Generanium from The Waiter, which was hidden in the pyramid on the roof of One Canada Square. The Generanium turned out to be a bomb, and Scarlett threw it out of the SHADOW Jet, and it exploded in midair. The team also stopped a runaway train which The Waiter disabled to split the team up. Afterwards, The Waiter caused the enhanceds in London to rebel, and also sent his own army of strong enhanceds. However, the team, especially Alex, defeated them.

Spies and Miracles: Veracity

Powers and Abilities

Scarlett can generate balls of seismic energy.
She is very intelligent.
She is a well-trained spy.
She is an excellent pilot.


Scarlett usually only speaks if she has to, and contributes to the team's ideas frequently. She has a large sense of humour, but she balances it with yoher maturity and incredible skill. She is a great friend, but some people might want to be more than her friend...


Alice Yellow was sent by Osborne to assassinate Alexander Braveheart, but they fell in love instead. Alice Yellow decided to go off the grid and marry Alexander, and gave birth to David Braveheart, keeping the secret that she was once a SHADOW agent. She also adopted the young enhanced Scarlett, and secretly trained her. After David kills Johnny's girlfriend(at the beginning of The Murderers), Alice and Alexander have a huge fight and decide to split. Scarlett and David, were forced to split up as Scarlett goes with Alice and David going with Alexander.

Scarlett was abandoned by her real parents after she ruined their house using her powers.