Spies and Miracles: The Team is the first story in the Hall of Heroes multiverse, and follows the story of a new team, MIST.

Zane The story that this article is about is complete. Read it at Wattpad.

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Main plot


The Waiter, in his emergency hide-out, is visited by a voice in the air: Phoenix. The Phoenix states that he is Veracity. Meanwhile, Alex is being briefed his new mission: to take down Veracity.


Osborne watched as the sparks jumped into the air, the sound of hammers and tools, unlocking the secret to their captured ships. The ones which had just been in the sky, pouring out enhanceds. He didn't have a smile this day. This was the day that the world knew, the world has changed.

'They're called Megalodons!!!' A mechanic shouted out.

He shrugged off the thought.

"Not enhanceds," he said to himself. "They're miracles. We're spies and they're miracles. The age of spies and miracles has begun."


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